Joho's new strategy that will see NASA emerge winners in August polls

Joho has decided to go down on his knees for NASA

Hassan Joho

According to Joho, the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan will be specifically for NASA prayers asking God to grant them victory in the August polls.

“As you all are aware, we are in the month of Ramadan. So the last ten days, I want to focus on prayers as I have done for many years. And I am going to pray that God gives us the strength to be victorious in this election,” Joho said.

This year's festival which falls in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar that began on May 27.

Muslims around the world dedicate the month to fasting and religious devotion.

In a video posted on his Twitter handle on Friday, Joho told NASA supporters that he will dedicate the remaining days of the month to pray for Nasa's victory.

However, Joho added that they have a plan that was agreed upon by all NASA principals that they will be going to the grassroots to solicit and identify where their voters are.

“We have a plan (that) all of us agreed (upon). All NASA (principals) will be at the grassroots to identify where our voters are" said Joho

Nasa and Jubilee are on the run to convince Kenyans to vote for them come August 8, 2017.


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