Lupita Nyong’o joins her father’s election campaign [video]

It is a family affair Oscar Award winner Lupita Nyong'o joins her father, Anyang Nyong'o, in his bid to become Kisumu Governor

In a video recording, the Oscar award winner sent a heartfelt message to her father, who is eying the Kisumu Gubernatorial seat and the people of the Lakeside City.

“This is an open letter to my father, daddy I love and respect. I support your bid to be Governor of Kisumu County,” Ms Lupita said.

Lupita painted her father as a well able leader who had the interest of Kenya deeply engraved in his heart. She recounted the sacrifices Mr Nyong’o had made for the country just to see it develop.

“All my life I have witnessed your unwavering passion for cultivating a better future for Kenya even when it was a hard task, even when it was a threat to your life, but you have never given up and you continued to push for change and development,” Lupita stated.

The actress praised Nyong’o for the development projects that have been witnessed in Kisumu highlighting that: “I have witnessed the developments, the electricity spreading, schools being built, roads being constructed and medical centres being erected, and you had a lot to do with that”.

“I know for certain that Kisumu County will be a better place and leap into the future with you steering it,” she mentioned.

Lupita disclosed that with her father as Governor the Culture and Arts industry would also prosper.

“I want Kisumu to shine in the world as much as you do and I for one I will be excited that with you as governor, Kisumu can become a centre of excellence for the arts, because you love the arts and culture," the star emphasised.

She, however, divulged that she would not be able to be in Kenya for her father during the election period as she was shooting a movie.

Lupita who coined your dreams are valid phrase encouraged her father to push on with his dreams for Kisumu.

“You have dreamt for a brighter future for Kisumu County, may you get the opportunity to see that dream bear fruit. May God bless you, daddy, you are a winner,” she noted.

Finally, Lupita urged the residents of Kisumu to vote for her father.

“Kisumu stand up choose Anyang Nyong’o to be your governor,” Lupita concluded.

Prof. Nyong’o will be battling it out for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party ticket on Monday during the primaries.

Here is the video:


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