Mutahi Ngunyi secret strategy to Uhuru leaks on the internet

The strategy showed President Kenyatta how to demonize Raila lin the country.

The supposed strategy highlighted four critical points President Kenyatta should implement in order to defeat ODM leader Raila Odinga, who according to Ngunyi’s analysis on the letter was gaining a strong ground.

"Internal polling conducted between 28/4/2017 to 03/5/2017 shows that Raila Odinga has a considerable lead over President Uhuru Kenyatta in a hypothetical presidential match-up,” the letter linked to Ngunyi’s FortHall College read.

According to the missive, the political analyst noted that the current food crisis would be a cutting edge for a united Opposition hence recommended four ways to mitigate this.

First, Ngunyi allegedly told the Head of State to conduct an elaborate campaign to portray Odinga in bad light.

Secondly, the letter linked to Ngunyi purported that Kenyatta’s campaign team should expand and widely share the message that the former Prime Minister if elected President would demonize the Kikuyu community.

Next, the statement indicated that Kenyatta should not talk about the 2013 manifesto during public engagement as it would remind Kenyans of the numerous unfulfilled promises.

Lastly, Ngunyi is said to have urged the President to blame Odinga over the current food crisis in the country.

The statement went viral on social media prompting Ngunyi to rubbish it as propaganda.

In a tweet, the analyst mentioned that the Opposition was trying to create a perception that it had already won the upcoming Election.

“For the RECORD, the REPORT below, CIRCULATING in social media is FAKE. ODM is CONDITIONING our MINDS for the COMING FAKE Opinion POLLS,” Ngunyi stated.

Here is the letter:


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