Former Rarieda MP Nicolas Gumbo changes name to include "Engineer"

Gumbo joins long list of Kenyan politicians who have legalized their nicknames

Former Rarieda MP Nicolas Gumbo changes legal name  to Eng Nicolas Gumbo Wajonya

Former Rarieda MP Nicolas Gumbo on Friday officially changed his legal name to Engineer Nicolas Gumbo Wajonya.

Gumbo's change of name was made legal through gazette notice 5889 of the Kenyatta Gazette of August 14 2020.

"NOTICE is given that by a deed poll dated 16th July, 2020, duly executed and registered in the Registry of Documents at Nairobi as Presentation No. 140, in Volume DI, Folio 109/2109, File No. MMXX, by our client, Eng. Nicolas Gumbo Wajonya, of P.O. Box 22966, Nairobi in the Republic of Kenya, formerly known as Nicolas 0. Gumbo, formally and absolutely renounced and abandoned the use of his former name Nicolas 0. Gumbo and in lieu thereof assumed and adopted the name Eng. Nicolas Gumbo Wajonya, for all purposes and authorizes and requests all persons at all times to designate, describe and address him by his assumed name Eng. Nicolas Gumbo Wajonya only," the gazette notice stated.

The former MP earned the nickname Wajonya due to his generosity on the campaign trail while he was vying for the governorship of Siaya County.

The luo name loosely translates to a person who overwhelms people with his good deeds.

The former MP is also a trained engineer hence the inclusion of his title as part of his legal name.

Gumbo joins a long list of Kenyan politicians who have had to change their legal names to nicknames from the electorate - most of whom are unaware of their birth names.

Murang'a Governor Mwangi wa Iria was born Francis Mwangi but voters only knew him from his record at KCC and had nicknamed him Mwangi wa Iria (Mwangi from the milk industry).

In the 2013, general election , Iria was facing Dr. Moses Mwangi, with whom they shared the surname Mwangi.

To differentiate himself among voters, Iria changed his name from Francis Mwangi to Mwangi wa Iria which has since become a household political brand.

Kieni MP Kanini Kega was also born James Mathenge but while campaigning for his seat, most voters would only remember him by his young age and nick named him Kanini Kega (a young but effective person).

He changed his legal name after realizing most of his supporters failed to vote for him after missing his name on the ballot.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has also legally adopted his nickname despite being born Gideon Kioko Mbuvi.

Others are Ferdinand Waititu Babayao, Kimani Wamatangi, and Kabando wa Kabando.


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