Sonko exposes how Gaza Gang is being used ahead of August elections

The Gaza Gang has been hired to operate across Nairobi.

Gaza Gang.

Sonko claims that his opponents for the Nairobi gubernatorial have hired members of the Gaza Ganga who engage in illegal activities while donning the Sonko Rescue Team to make it look like his original team are criminals.

According to The Nairobian, a recent shootout occurred in Kayole between police and several goons shortly after a volleyball tournament sponsored by Sonko.

The goons were dressed in the Sonko Rescue Team attire.

Sonko later recorded a statement with the police concerning the incident.

The Senator also blames the gang for the ‘dirty politics’ saga in the saga where he claims unknown persons have been dumping litter across city streets while wearing the Sonko Rescue Team uniform.

Sonko claims all these were part of a well-orchestrated scheme aimed to tarnish his name in the run-up to the August elections.

"We know them, but what’s shocking is that some of the gangs that they have been funding to terrorise city residents are from the Gaza gang from Kayole whom they only pay Sh2,000. These are some of the confessions we are getting,” Sonko said.

He said that the gang were not that clever since they fail to properly duplicate his team's real outfit.

"The Sonko Rescue Team emblem used by the goons has a white background, while our registered and official logo is yellow in colour," Sonko said.


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