I was raped while in class 3 - Silprosa of Auntie Boss reveals in emotional interview

Emotions runs high during Jalang'o's interview with Siphrosa

I was raped while in class 3 - Sandra Dacha "Siphrosa' of Auntie Boss reveals in emotional interview

Celebrated actress Sandra Dacha, popularly known by her stage name Silprosa, on Tuesday revealed that she has been a rape survivor for the past twenty one years.

Silprosa was overcome with emotional as she narrated the ordeal which took place when she was only nine years old.

"I used to help my mum sell njugu from when I was in class two. I have never told anyone this, not even my family, but while I was in this business, I was raped. Someone took advantage of me while I was only nine years old and in class three.

"I mostly sold njugu in Nairobi West but on this particular day, I went to sell njugu in Lunar Park because they had many activities. I went there despite my mom had warned me because I would easily get lost," the 30-year old said.

She unfortunately lost her directions as she was coming out of the park that is located next to Nairobi's Uhuru Park.

"In the evening, I got lost and I went to the stage near Lunar Park and I asked for someone to help me get home in Mukuru Kaiyaba. There is a guy who volunteered and he took me home in his car, at the parking lot there is a way he was touching me but at that age I wasn't sure what to do."

"He took me to his wife and I was given a room where I slept on the floor but at night he would sneaked out of his wife's room and came to defile me. When morning came, he gave me Sh1000 and I went home but I developed some complications a few days later and had to be taken to hospital for treatment," she narrated in an interview with media personality Jalang'o.

The star of Auntie Boss TV programme was overcome with emotion which spread to her host, Jalang'o - prompting the live interview to be paused for a while.

Silprosa recovered shortly after and went on to speak her life journey that saw her orphaned at a young age but picked on odd jobs before becoming an acclaimed actress.


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