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Kabogo gives an estimate of his net worth in billions

"I'm a wealthy man"

I'm worth between 1 billion and a 100 billion shillings - Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo on Sunday gave a rough estimate of his net worth which he said was in the billions of shillings.

Kabogo became the latest public figure to be questioned on the source and extent of his wealth during an interview with Anne Kiguta on K24.

He said that he was billionaire in Kenyan shillings but had not reached the level of a dollar billionaire (Sh100 billion).

He, however, declined to give the exact figure only stating that he was a “wealthy man”.


What is your net worth,” Kiguta posted.

My net worth is figures,” Kabogo replied.

"If you are as clean as snow, why no figure?” (Kiguta)

Why do you want me to advertise here what I own? I’m a wealthy man, that I will agree.” (Kabogo).

"Are you a billionaire?” (Kiguta).


By what currency?” Kabogo.

By Kenyan currency?” (Kiguta)

Yes” (Kabogo).

In US dollars?” (Kiguta)

"No...that should give you an estimate,” Kabogo answered.


The former Governor defended his wealth saying he had worked hard in business but complained that his name had been besmirched by political rivals.

This issue of drugs started when I was running for Juja parliamentary seat against Stephen Ndicho. When I went to campaign in a chopper, he told people that I had drug money. I should have dealt with the issue then,” he said.

I’m sick and tired of these allegations, If someone feels I do drugs, let them come and confront me...If the US wants to follow this thing, they have a DEA office here. They collected the Akashas, let them come for Kabogo. I’m waiting,” he said.

Kabogo said he had made his wealth through the import business where he supplied goods to supermarkets and imported cars in bulk.


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