Exposed: Kenyan MPs shock foreigners during international meeting

Kenyan MPs left foreigners flabbergasted during an international conference

Mr Atwoli accused the legislator of the National Assembly and Senate Labour Committee of skiving the 106th session of the ILO.

The outspoken Cotu Secretary General claimed that despite receiving hefty allowances to attend the important function, the lawmakers did not attend a single session.

Instead, the MPs were roaming the streets of Geneva shopping at the expensive malls.

Atwoli further stated that the lawmakers left resident of Geneva in shock following the lavish lifestyle the displayed in the foreign country.

“They were spending extravaganza, shocking Geneva residents with their lavish spending and other escapades outside the official programme”.

Mr Atwoli is now demanding for the legislators to refund every coin awarded to them since they did not carry out the duties assigned to them.

“Cotu wishes to raise its concern against a section of both members of the National Assembly and the Senate, who reportedly received money… but did not attend a single session of the ongoing conference and instead have been spotted busy shopping on the streets of Geneva,” the union mentioned.

The Union also want the lawmakers to be held accountable for the unwarranted behaviour.

The 10-day conference is set to end on Friday 16 June 2017.


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