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Ken Mijungu's post divides netizens as Okari & Betty fans clash

Should Ken Mijungu have intervened?

Ken Mijungu's post divides netizens as Dennis Okari & Betty Kyallo fans clash

A moment that was meant to celebrate God's blessings to popular TV journalist Betty Kyalo has ended up dividing the Kenyan online community after a complain was made by NTV reporter Ken Mijungu.

On Monday, Kyalo moved Kenyans with an emotional story of her daughter, Ivanna's struggle with a rare health condition earlier this year.

However, there was a spanner in the works on Monday afternoon after Mijungu criticized Betty for what he termed as deliberate campaign to make her ex-husband, Dennis Okari, appear as an irresponsible father.

Betty had listed a long list of people who stood with her including nurses, doctors, members of her family, and even valet parking attendants at the hospital where her daughter Ivanna was admitted.


Mijungu said the deliberate failure to acknowledged the role of Okari and his friends was unfair.

The NTV journalist immediately trended as different camps emerged online, one defending Betty's right to acknowledge anyone she wished, while another supported and hailed Okari's silence and active role as a father of her daughter borne with his ex-wife.

"What is clear about Ken Mijungu's post is: 1. Betty Kyallo is an elaboration of "All that glitters is not Gold" 2. Dennis Okari is the father of the year 3. Ken Mijungu is the best friend of the year. 4. At work, Okari's boss is the boss of the year. 5. Ivanna is the miracle," Sir Alens posted on Twitter

"Ken Mijungu is a gentleman. He is a rare kind type of friend that we all need. He decided to let the world know the Truth as far as the situationship between Betty Kyalo, Dennis Okari and daughter Ivanna is Concerned. Why would Betty paint Dennis Okari as an irresponsible father?" This is Mboya opined.

"If you have friends like Ken Mijungu who can stand and defend you when a million are against you, please treat them right. What Betty Kyalo did if it was to expose Dennis Okari as an irresponsible father is totally wrong. Betty you shouldn't have done that," Hon Alinur Mohamed stated.


Musician Stivo Simple Boy was among those who took a more neutral position, only commenting on the acrimony that results from a divorce.

"From the read of Ken Mijungu's fb post,am left perplexed on how bitter the divorce between the two media gurus has settled..I really wonder what role you wanted the father to play apart from offering fatherly love and financial support. Mlio kwenye ndoa jamani vumilianeni," he said.

"Ken Mijungu didn't get the memo? Dads are there to contribute and not to be celebrated," Tony Kymoney observed.

"Ken, a third wheeling friend has felt the need ‘to speak FOR Dennis?’ To what end? Why does the public need to know these personal personal details? Why must there be a public recognition of efforts (that were not erased in the first place?)," digital markerter Media MK responded.


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