Kenya to start recording an average of 50 Coronavirus cases daily - Health PS explains

Ministry of Health projections

Kenya to start recording an average of 50 Coronavirus cases daily - Health PS Susan Mochache explains

Kenya will continue recording an average of 50 new Coronavirus cases going forward, Health Principal Secretary Susan Mochache has stated.

The PS conveyed that the 57 new cases reported on Sunday were projected by model scenarios assessed by the Ministry of Health.

"The numbers we are seeing are exactly what a recent model projected, that we will now start seeing numbers going up to the 50s per day and unless other important interventions and keeping with those that are already there...then according to the projection we will see a bit of this trend," she explained.

PS Mochache added that the model was among several others that were brought to the Ministry's attention about three weeks ago.

Why Kenya Coronavirus cases are going higher

The PS also mentioned that Kenya may hit the peak of infections around October of this year while cautioning that it is not an exact estimation.

She explained that the current behaviour especially the return to normal operations may be the reason cases are spiking.

"That may pull us back and I think we need to recognize as Kenya that what we have done so far has really helped. The fact that we are beginning to go back to normal business is a concern and it may pull us back; it’s important that we recognize as Kenyans that the little we have done has made a very big difference," she explained.


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