Gov't exposes how bread makers have been lying to Kenyans on ingredients and manufacture date

Some brands are misleading consumers - CAK

Here are the reasons why you should reduce your bread consumption. [tmichealsblog]

The Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) on Monday exposed inner details of the bread manufacturing industry.

According to Director General Wang'ombe Kariuki, the manufacturers have been selective in complying with the laws on packaging.

The statement from CAK also exposed a number of inconsistencies in what manufacturers list as ingredients and what is actually in the loaves.

"Specifically, the undertakings were not providing the manufacturing date/month on their bread wrappers in the prescribed format while others were printing them illegibly on the seals.

"Additionally the manufacturers failed to provide the weight of their bread products and ingredients, while others marked their bread as fortified but did not specify the alleged nutrients/vitamins used. Some brands misled consumers that their products contained milk or butter whereas they did not," the statement from CAK read in part.

The authority, however, noted that it is yet to receive reports of harm to consumers as a result of the irregularities.

CAK further issued five directives to the bread makers which they are required to follow with immediate effect.

They are listed as:-

  1. Compliance with Section (55) (a) (i) and 60 (1) of the Competition Act
  2. Providing a list of ingredients and the net weight of their products in grams
  3. Legible print of day and month the product was manufactured on the wrapper
  4. Correctly indicating the expiry date of the bread by adjusting the information on the wrappers to "Best Before" as opposed to "Sell By"
  5. Specified details on minerals and vitamins used to fortify the bread


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