KOT angered by Babu Owino, calls for justice for DJ Evolve

Justice for DJ Evolve

KOT angered by Babu Owino, calls for justice for DJ Evolve

Kenyans on Twitter are enraged, angered and sickened by Babu owino after he allegedly shot DJ Revolve at B Club on 17th January at around 7:00am.

Netizens are now calling for justice for the young man who has since been hospitalized at The Nairobi Hospital after he was shot in the neck.

Revellers who were at the club at the time of the shooting recounted to The Standard that it all began with a banter between the two, who teased each other about the sizes of their guns. It is not clear if the gun they were talking about was an actual gun or a euphemism for something else.

It was in the middle of the argument over who carries the biggest gun, which had gone on for minutes, that the MP is said to have shot DJ Evolve.

Kenyans on Twitter now want the MP to be treated as a murder suspect since he is not above the law. It is not clear why the Mp showed up with a gun at the club but this is not the first time the MP has been linked to controversial scandals.

Here are some of the comments

@KameneGoro We have empowered these people to the point they have the audacity to do this, feel they can walk away, try to cover up, and then lie to us!!! It stops here and now. The system must show us it works for justice!!!!

@DjJoeMfalme #JusticeForDjEvolve Nobody should ever be put in a position to fight for their life because someone is trigger happy... Wishing DJ EVOLVE A quick recovery... Justice delayed is Justice denied.

@wambuicaramel We cannot let Babu Owino get away with crime.No one is above the law!#justicefordjevolve

@MigunaMiguna With cocaine-addicted hooligans like Babu Owino shooting unarmed civilians with impunity, absolutely no one except law-enforcement officers in Kenya should be allowed to carry guns in public or inside restaurants, clubs, supermarkets or public offices. #justicefordjevolve

@IboOgendo Babu should resign unconditionally his act was uncalled for he doesn't deserve to be called honourable.

@ItsJacksonKE #DjEvolve should get Justice for once let these serve as an example that no one is above the law

@BoogieBenzzDJ As the Kenyan DJ fraternity, we strongly condemn the attack against one of our own, DJ Evolve that was meted out in a most brutal and despicable way by Embakasi East MP Hon. Babu Owino while DJ Evolve was on duty. #justicefordjevolve


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