Kenyans express anger over govt's spending of Sh1 billion from the World Bank

Sh10 million budgeted for mandazis

Kenyans express anger over govt's spending of Sh1 billion from the World Bank

Kenyans have come out to express anger and disappointment after learning how the government, through the Ministry of Health, allocated and spent Sh1 billion donated by the World Bank to help the country deal with the Covid19 pandemic.

In a blatant demonstration of misplaced priorities, the ministry' s budget for the Sh1 billion meant for emergency response includes Sh42 million for leasing ambulances (already spent), Sh10.12 million for tea and snacks (Sh4 million already spent), and Sh6 million for airtime (Sh2 million already spent).

Another Sh70 million is allocated to communications without a clarification on the nature of the communications. The money is indicated as being already spent.

Most media houses have provided free broadcast and publication of public information relating to the Covid19 pandemic begging the question the nature of expenses incurred under communications.

Perhaps the most bizarre expenditure item is printing of travelers’ quarantine and discharge forms which are shown to have gobbled a whopping Sh9 million despite an initial budget of Sh900,000.

The printing budget appears to be out of control as another Sh6.5 million was spent on printing of stationery where Sh6.5 million was spent against a budget of Sh2.5 million.

The budget was highly criticized as daylight robbery at a low moment in the country's health and economic situation.

"According to @MOH_Kenya responses to the National Assembly, nearly 10% of the Sh1 billion GoK got from @WorldBank "for emergency response" was spent on airtime for staff, stationery and tea and snacks, and communication with Sh9m used just to print forms," journalist Patrick Gathara stated.

"Ambulance lease at 2.8m each? For how long? Sh13.5m for 30 HCWs “needing quarantine for 90 days.” 90 each or in total (3 each?). Neither makes sense. Sh15.5m stationery (6.5m + 9m for quarantine docs). @ Sh5/sheet, its 6000+ reams! Scam. No wonder they are infecting people," economist David Ndii complained.

"Kshs 42 million is the average purchase price for 10 ambulances. Is there anybody who advises this government?" LSK Chairman Nelson Havi wondered.

"Tea for 500 staff costs Ksh 10,125,000. Let's do some quick math! 1 cow costs Ksh 30,000 If the Ministry of Health had bought each of the 500 staff a cow; 500 x 30,000 = Ksh 1,500,000 They would've saved the taxpayers; 10,125,000 - 1,500,000 = Ksh 8,625,000," another user opined.


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