Kevin Omwenga’s messages with key suspect surface as details of Ksh 100 Million payment and Dubai trip emerge

He was shot before he could travel to Dubai to receive a payment of Ksh 100 Million

Kevin Omwenga

Detectives investigating the killing of businessman Kevin Omwenga who was shot dead in his Kilimani house have unearthed details of 100 million deal and a planned trip to Dubai before his death.

It has since emerged that the deceased whose overnight transformation from a man barely surviving to a millionaire was scheduled to travel to Dubai earlier this week for a business meeting.

At the heart of the meeting was Sh 100 million payment for a business deal whose details remain scanty.

Sources intimated that he was to travel in the company of a close friend and neighbour only identified as Jamal.

Citizen TV reported that detectives are keen to establish if the main suspects in the killing, Robert Ouko Bodo and Chris Obure were aware of and had interest in the deal.

It is Obure’s gun that sent the bullet through Omwenga’s chest, killing him instantly.

The journey however failed to materialize as he met a controversial death that is the subject of investigations.

Messages exchanged between the deceased and the key suspect in his shooting, Robert Ouko Bodo have also emerged, shedding more light on the nature of their relationship before Omwenga’s death that is suspected to be a business deal gone sour.

The two enjoyed a close relationship as was captured in the texts they exchanged which read:

“You’re a true brother you helped me” wrote Ouko to Omwenga, to which the deceased replied “welcome bro”.

Omwenga was buried on Saturday in his rural home in Kitutu Chache, Kisii county.

During the burial, his family appealed for state agencies to unravel the truth on his death.

Coincidentally, it also emerged that the deceased met his death on the same date that his mother had dies earlier.

Below is additional report, courtesy of Citizen TV.


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