2 Gov't officials arrested after this happened to the Kenyan flag

Grave violation

Kisumu chiefs arrested after Kenyan flag was used to cover a civilian's coffin during burial

Two government officials in Kisumu County were arrested after they allowed the Kenyan flag to cover a civilian's burial casket.

South Central Seme Location Chief Christabel Ombok and her counterpart Lower Kombewa Assistant Chief Maricus Obuya Odemba went ahead to share the offensive photos on social media that attracted the swift action of law enforcement officers.

"The administrators, who were present at the burial, took photos of the same and shared them in a WhatsApp group instead of taking action against the perpetrators.

"That was clear misuse of the flag yet the administrators failed to carry out their duties in apprehending the perpetrators," Kisumu County Commander Ranson Lolmodooni stated.

The county commander further stated that the matter will be treated as a disciplinary matter.

Released on police bond

The two were held at the Maseno Police Station before being released on police bond.

According to the law, if the two are prosecuted and found guilty of committing an offence against the national emblem, they will face a fine of Sh5,000 or six months in jail.


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