Doctors to stage a 6-month strike

Kenya is staring at a 200-day doctors strike following...

The Union’s Secretary General Ouma Oluga stated that the Government had gone against the return-to-work formula that halted the 100-day strike, which had paralysed the health sector from December last year.

“We won’t work without pay. So if anyone wants to replay the 100 days of the doctors’ strike, we won’t hesitate to give them another 200,” Oluga said.

Mr. Oluga accused the county Government of not complying to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s orders for the medics to be paid for the 100 days strike.

“Doctors have not received a single cent of the allowances, which were added, or received four to five months’ pay and our timelines for being placed in the job groups have passed.

“Doctors have been stretched thin and won’t continue working when they can’t afford basic needs,” Oluga said in a statement.

The Secretary General further divulged that there was a Government official pushing the doctors to go on an industrial action.

Last month, President Kenyatta directed the release of the three-month salary belonging to doctors who were on strike.

Speaking in Ndenderu, Kiambu County, Mr. Kenyatta told the medics that they will be fired in case they go on an industrial action again.

The Head of State firmly stated that the Government would not tolerate actions which threaten the lives of Kenyans.

“We are paying you but you cannot continue to endangering the lives of Kenyans. If they strike again, they will all go home. Not even a single doctor will go back to our hospitals because we already know what we will do,” Kenyatta said.


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