Anybody Who Believes Raila Caused Cholera Should Have Their Heads Checked

Outbreak of Cholera at Weston hotel

In his weekly column, Madowo sharply criticised the public for always politicising every issue including the cholera outbreak that was witnessed at Weston Hotel, a facility linked to Deputy President William Ruto.

"How did a stomach problem affecting several participants at the hotel get blamed on Raila Odinga by some Jubilee supporters?

"Anybody who believes that Raila Odinga personally caused the cholera-like symptoms at Weston Hotel should have their head checked," Madowo said.

He opined that it was tragic that even Members of Parliament were engaged in cheap politics blaming the former Prime Minister for the collapse of the 1.2 billion Sigiri Bridge in Budalang'i Constituency.

"When an elected member of the national assembly blames the collapse of a Sh1.2 billion bridge on Raila Odinga, you know that Kenya has lost its way," Madowo said.

He added: "Posting a picture of the ruins of the bridge alongside that of people damaging a railway with the text, “NASA’s economic sabotage” not only misses the point but is unbecoming of anybody worthy of being called a leader".

According to the journalist, politics had blurred the vision of Kenyans to the point of not being able to deal with critical issues.

Madowo further mentioned that also blaming Jubilee for vital issues happening in the country such as glaring food shortage among others was cheap politics that will ever give Kenya solid solutions.

"It isn’t all Jubilee or Uhuru Kenyatta’s fault that Nakumatt is shutting down branches and those that remain open feature mostly empty shelves.

"Neither is it entirely this administration’s fault that the drought has led to some record-high food prices, the management of the aftermath notwithstanding. Unless we’re able to give the devil his due, the quality of our national debate will continue to be meaningless and unnecessarily adversarial," Madowo stated.

The news anchor emphasised that it was important for the country guard themselves against being lured into political propaganda by politicians who use the tact to divert Kenyans from the real narrative.

"Politicians on both sides have exploited this to whip up their respective bases, but this weaponisation of our differences is dangerous for a democracy as young as ours," he concluded.


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