MPs, Governors and Senators to contribute to meet presidential campaigns

This is very unprecedented.

The lawmakers who are set for pay this week will be required to pay their monthly contributions to their respective parties, which buoyed them to respective assemblies and gubernatorial seats.

The first salary for the governors and lawmakers comes 22 days to the repeat polls slated for October 26. The funds will go a long way in boosting President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga's presidential campaigns.

"We were expecting the money in our accounts as early as last week on Friday, hopefully, today [yesterday] or tomorrow [today], we should have it. Some of us are unable to campaign for our leaders because our pockets were drained in the run-up to the August election," a NASA MP, who sought anonymity, told a local daily on Monday.

Elected MPs and senators on Jubilee party ticket will be required to remit Sh10,000, while those nominated by the Uhuru Kenyatta led party will remit Sh20,000.

However, MCAs affiliated to Jubilee will remit Sh5,000, while President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto and the governors will contribute Sh20,000 per month. Currently, Jubilee Party leads with 24 elected senators and 10 nominated, with 140 MPs in the National Assembly and six nominated MPs

All Raila Odinga led 62 elected and 11 nominated ODM party MPs will remit monthly subscription of Sh20,000 each.

Nasa’s 13 elected senators and seven nominated will also make their respective contributions.

Pay cut

In the new salary scale which was harmonized by the Sarah Serem led Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), the President will earn Sh1.4 million. His Deputy will be pocketing Sh1.2 million.

Speakers of the Senate and the National Assembly will each earn Sh1.155 million, from the earlier Sh1.32 million pay. Their deputies will take home Sh924,000, down from Sh1.056 million.

Majority and minority leaders in the Senate and National Assembly will earn Sh765,888, compared with the previous Sh1.020 million.

Concerning the sitting allowance, the Senate and the National Assembly officers who serve in committees will be paid Sh8,000 per sitting for the chairperson and Sh5,000 for members — subject to a maximum 16 payable sittings per month.


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