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5 annoying characters you find in Kenyan whatsapp groups

These behaviors need to stop!


Whatsapp groups are now substitutes for estate barazas, wedding committees, family gatherings, and even school reunions.

Like any community platform, the groups bring all manner of characters and it is important that we highlight some of the annoying habits that may need to change for a better experience in your whatsapp group.


These are people who are always forwarding anything and everything regardless of the nature of the whatsapp group.

They forward last year’s news, fake quotes about Putin calling Africa a cemetery, woe unto you if you dare call them out!

A friend of mine teaches at a local high school and shared a story of a parent who was removed for persistent sharing content that violated the group’s guidelines.

Whatsapp groups can often prompt robust debate with divergent points of views.


However, there are people I would call the Idi Amins – admins who are allergic to divergent views.

You will argue with them in the morning and as you are about to check the debate progress in the afternoon, you will be met with “Idi Amin removed you” – not cool!

They are the exact opposite of the Idi Amins. The over-active active, always opening a whatsapp group to deal with endless mundane issues.

I was once added to a group by a guy who sells khakis in town, am a good customer yes but what business do I have talking to fellow customers??!


The most annoying part is that they will add you to these admins without seeking your consent, and will catch feelings if you “left” to go do something serious.

Every Kenyan whatsapp has that absent-minded, serious-looking, character who is always sending very embarrassing messages, photos and videos.

The last group is the mute characters who never contribute in any conversation.

Whether in a family, work, or a friends-meet-up group, they will remain silent but will never "left".


Well, I never understand why they do that but maybe they have problems buying data so I will give them a lifehack.

Buy an Airtel 4G line and subscribe to the 4G bundles that come with free whatsapp. If you already got one, check if your SIM is 4G enabled by dialing *544# and select option 10.

Apart from the free whatsapp, you will get data at affordable prices. For 300, you will get a 1.5GB bundle; Sh500 for the 4GB package, 1000 bob will get you a 10GB package, 15GB goes for Sh1500 while the 25GB package sets you back a mere Sh2000. The heavy browsers can also enjoy 40GB for Sh3000 only.


Unblock notifications in browser settings.

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