5 Whatsapp hacks you probably don’t know about

There are some interesting things you can do on WhatsApp that many users never discover

WhatsApp icon on a phone screen

I’ve often found myself in situations where I sent a friend a message and got back a question that goes: “How did you do that on your message? Show me!”

So, here are five hacks you probably didn’t know were on WhatsApp.

1. Tildes and hashtags

Tildes (~), the asterisk (*), the dash (_) and the hash sign (#) all come in handy when you want to make an emphasis in your message.

Tildes bring about the strikethrough effect on words while the asterisk makes words bolded.

A dash is simply used to italicize words. Adding a hash sign to a key word will make it easier for you to retrieve messages when you search, much like a hashtag works on social media platforms.

2. Finding your number one fan

WhatsApp actually helps you determine who is your favourite chat buddy according to the data expended on them.

From the Settings menu, select Data and Storage usage option and click on Storage usage. The person or group you have used most of your data on will appear neatly at the top with the amount of data used beside their names.

3. Hiding your profile pic

You can select who gets to see your profile photo in three easy steps.

Settings>Account>Privacy>Profile Photo, where you have the options of everyone, my contacts and nobody seeing your profile pic. Keep the stalkers away from your private life!

4. Hands-free texting

You can actually send messages without having to touch the keyboard of your smartphone.

This is possible through Google Assistant on Android phones and Siri on iOS. Simply call out “Siri” or say “OK Google” and proceed to say “send a WhatsApp to (name of person you wish to contact)”.

5. Chat for Free, save all your internet bundles

This is the latest hack that will just make all the other four more fun for you. Airtel is offering WhatsApp for absolutely free.

Chat with your number one fan uninterrupted, all through the month using #ChatSare. ​For as little as Sh500 you can enjoy chatting absolutely free on whatsapp all day and all night on top of a 6GB bundle on 4G internet.

The main differentiator of the free WhatsApp offering by Airtel is that it does not eat into one’s bundles as experienced by other offerings of their competitors, thereby ensuring that one’s bundles last longer for other channels.

The WhatsApp offering also does not throttle when one’s data is depleted. This means that customers still enjoy great speeds while accessing WhatsApp even after their bundle is over.

Dial *544# and select option 10 to check if you are on the 4G network


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