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5 Kenyan politicians accused of murder

Rumors spread across Gatundu South by Mwihia’s faction had it that Uhuru Kenyatta was responsible for the disappearance

1. Uhuru Kenyatta

The 1997 Gatundu South parliamentary election looked promising for Uhuru Kenyatta. All this changed when his fellow aspirant, Moses Mwihia, went missing. His vehicle was found dumped close to Kenyatta’s Gatundu home a day before the elections. There were traces of blood inside the vehicle and signs of struggle. Rumors were spread across Gatundu South by Mwihia’s faction that Uhuru Kenyatta was responsible for the disappearance. The residents turned against Kenyatta and the election was Mwihia’s to win. Conveniently, Mwehia resurfaced a day to the election and alluded he had been kidnapped by Kenyatta. The media had a field day. The whole disappearance act was later discovered to have been staged. The blood in the vehicle was found to be goat blood. However, it was a little too late for the current president as he lost the parliamentary elections that year.

2. William Kabogo


The former Kiambu governor was spending a normal Friday night at a party, probably after a busy week of politicking when a university of Nairobi student, Mercy Keiino walked in accompanied by friends. As the night grew older, Ms Keiino is reported to have become louder and rowdy. Witnesses during the court case that followed said that kabogo didn’t like the behavior. Things escalated when she broke a glass. This is when Kabogo reportedly ‘slapped’ her. She was kicked out and was last seen walking alone on Waiyaki way. Ms Keiino was found dead on the same road the following day. A murder case was opened and Wiliam Kabogo was mentioned as a person of interest. When speaking to the court, Kabogo said he didn't slap her but rather “tapped her on the face” The then Juja MP was however acquitted of any wrong doing by the court.

3. Jaguar

When a Range Rover sports car hit a boda boda rider and his passenger along the Makutano-Sagana highway, it probably wasn't expected to turn into a high profile case with a musician turned MP, Jaguar, at the center of it. Details of the case continue to be confusing as it is not yet clear who was driving the vehicle that caused the two deaths. Jaguar insisted that he was the one behind the wheel. However, witnesses say that it was a lady driving. Jaguar was arraigned in court where he denied charges of reckless driving. He was released on a 50,000 ksh bail.

4.Jonah Anguka

Jonah Anguka was the Nakuru District Commissioner when foreign Affairs minister Robert Ouko was found brutally murdered. Investigations done by local police named him as the prime suspect in a six page document. Anguka denied the charges but the country was quick to believe the police report. Another publication by Prof Cohen, a history pathologist, which suggested that Anguka was present at key events before and after Ouko’s death did not help his case. However, the court ruled that it was impossible for Anguka to have gone to Ouko’s home, shot him, taken his body to a different location and set it on fire and make it back to his home before official duty. It was on those grounds that Anguka was acquitted.


5.Mathew Lempurkel

This former Laikipia MP had no dull moments during the peak of his political career. From being kicked out of a plane by his fellow lawmakers for being rowdy to making obscene gestures, he was as entertaining as he was controversial. But the light moments faded when he was accused of being behind the murder of Tristan Voorspuy, a British national who was found dead in his Sosian ranch. Lempurkel was acquitted of the charges after the prosecution admitted to not having enough evidence to convict. He was represented by James Orengo.


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