Drama at International Media station in Nairobi as police raid premises

Raid at media house, journalists arrested

The officers were reportedly conducting an operation in a bid to arrest immigrants who did not have proper documentation.

Sports journalist Saddique Shaban confronted the officers protesting the way the officers conducted the operation.

In a tweet Shaban said: "The police stormed the  newsroom with guns, apparently "looking for foreigners".

"Having seen a similar undercover raid police incident with KTN in 2006, we asked that the police identify themselves. They refused and attempted to make arbitrary arrests."

“Armed Police officers, about a dozen, with automatic weapons, have raided the China Global Television Network Africa HQ in Nairobi, rounding up staff members and demanding identity/alien cards and work permits from mostly expatriates working here. They did not ID themselves," he said.

Emerging reports indicate that several staff members including journalists were arrested during the raid.

"Whilst government agencies have a right to conduct their business, but the manner in which they stormed CGTN Africa HQ is despicable, unprofessional and dangerous.

"Several Chinese Staff members are currently unaccounted for after being violently arrested and taken away by police," Shaban said.


13 workers who were arrested were later released after the Immigration department confirmed they were legally in Kenya.


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