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C’mon! Cut Chipukeezy some slack

Despite his mistakes, he is still one of our own....

Worse of all it was a Kenyan who is struggling to make it in the United States. Up until now I am still wondering how Chipukeezy could forget such kindness shown towards him. That was so ungrateful, selfish and unbecoming of him.

I personally feel very sorry for Wawira and the pain of betrayal that she went through. It is like when Jesus was betrayed by Judas yet, Jesus had given Judas a very luxurious job. The rich Jesus had made Judas an accountant of all his funds. Jesus knew that Judas was siphoning funds from the treasury but he still loved and housed him. Then Judas decided to sell Jesus of for some thirty silver coins. What an ingrate!

However, despite Chipukeezy pulling a Judas Iscariot, we ought to cut him some slack.


Chipukeezy is on his way to rock bottom if he has not already hit it. He has lost a huge chunk of his Kenyan fan base where he actually started.

We just need to understand that he has already apologized and there is nothing else that he can do. He can only redeem himself if we give him another chance. He is also trying to make it big and put Kenya in the international scene. However, I do not advocate for his backward method of stepping on another person to get to the next level.

Everyone makes mistakes. It would be very hypocritical to harshly judge a person based on their mistakes deeming them to be greater than ours. His mistakes are just as equal as everybody else’s.

For instance we complain about corrupt leaders and their incompetence yet we vote them back in. What wickedness!

Therefore we should extend the amount of judgement towards Chipukeezy that we would want to be given. When you judge yourself for blundering you will be kinder and softer. Do the same for him because you never know the future. Tables might turn and you will be on the receiving end.


Let us forgive him because he still is Kenyan and will be so till he dies. Never feed one of your own to the sharks no matter how angry they made you.

I conclude by reiterating the words of the animation Sing. Chipukeezy, when you hit rock bottom there is only one way left to go. That is top.  Learn from your mistakes, pick up the pieces and go all the way up!

The views expressed in this article are those of Peter Wahome and not of Peter Wahome is a journalist and an opinion writer.


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