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DCI heaps praises on 2 women who subdued gunmen & recovered stolen firearms

The DCI is moved by the heroic acts and swiftness of the two women

Entry to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has heaped praises on two courageous women who recovered stolen firearms after tackling armed gunmen.

In the two separate incidents, the two women acted swiftly to overpower their armed assailants, foiling robberies.

"The DCI is moved by the heroic acts and swiftness of two women whose patriotism and zero tolerance to lawlessness has led to the recovery of two firearms robbed from police in recent encounters with felons," DCI wrote.

In the first incident, a lady identified as Caroline Nafula was accosted by an armed gunman as she opened her shop in the company of her husband at 6am in Trans-Nzoia West, Lions area, on May 27, 2023.


The gunman brandished a loaded G3 riffle and demanded that she hands over all the money and other valuables.

It is at this point that Nafula strategically raised her hands as if to surrender and cleverly positioned herself closer to the gunman.

In a swift move that caught the gangster by surprise, she pounced on him and wrestled him, overpowering the robber and expertly subduing him.

The robber fired four shots during the confrontation, all of which Nafula skillfully evaded as she pinned the robber to a wall and outclassed him.


Subdued, disarmed and staring at the possibility of being arrested, the robber fled the scene leaving behind a G3 rifle loaded with 11 rounds of ammunition.

According to the DCI, the gun in question had been stolen from the police during separate confrontations with armed felons.

In yet another incident of courage in the face of danger, a woman identified as Hope Odhiambo tackled a robber who broke into her house, armed with an AK 47 rifle and demanded her day’s earnings.

With her bare hands to defend herself, hope grabbed the gun in one swift move and tightly clenched it in a position that the robber could not shoot her while raising alarm.


Neighbours responded to her distress call, prompting the lone robber to flee during the incident that happened in Nyawiso village, Ndhiwa, Homabay County.

An AK 47 riffle loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition was recovered from the crime scene with police hailing her courageous acts.


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