5 things you probably didn't know about Mugabe’s powerful wife

She had an affair with Mugabe while he was still married to his ailing wife.

1.She had an affair with Mugabe while he was still married to ailing wife.

Before the glory and fame that describes her now, Grace Mugabe was a secretary to the president. She was married to a pilot and had son. Mugabe similarly was married to Sally. When the affair began, Sally Mugabe was hospitalized with kidney failure. Shockingly, that didn't stop the two. Mugabe is quoted in a South African saying that his late wife knew about the affair and had no problem with it.

2.  Was awarded a doctorate degree by Mugabe two months after enrolling.

Grace Mugabe enrolled for a doctorate degree at the University of Zimbabwe in August 2014. Two months later, Robert Mugabe who doubled up as the university chancellor awarded her a doctorate degree in sociology. The country’s academia fraternity became very loud in asking for her thesis which has never been made available in the University archives.

3. She is a Shopaholic

In 2003, Grace made a short trip to Paris where she spent 12 million Ksh. While she was holidaying, her countrymen were facing a hunger crisis. Her antics led to her being nicknamed ‘Gucci Grace’ and ‘Disgrace’ the following year, she withdrew six hundred million from the Central Bank of Zimbabwe.

4. Banned from Europe and USA

When President Mugabe blocked the Europe union observers from conducting their duty, the Europe countries didn’t take that well. They banned most of the ruling party’s leadership which extended to her. They also froze her assets in Europe.

5. Assault charges

A British photographer must not have known about Grace’s wrath when he tried taking a photo of her outside a Hong Kong hotel. Grace asked her body guard to get hold of the photographer. She is alleged to have punched him severally and probably forgot she had diamond rings which eventually caused serious bruises on the photographer. Recently, she whipped a 20 year old model with an extension cord. She got a free pass from assault charges due to her high profile nature.


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