Suspects charged with attempted murder of Idris Muktar, ex-Garissa Finance CEC

Two shooters of Idris Muktar and Lawyer Charles Kanjama charged

The two, Mohammed Aden and Juliet Njoki were charged with the attempted murder of Idris Muktar and lawyer Charles Kanjama.

They were also accused of conspiring to kill lawyer Charles Kanjama on diverse dates right about July 1, 2018 to September 27,2018 at an unknown place within Nairobi.

According to the charge sheet, the suspects, alongside others who were not before court, unlawfully attempted to kill Idris by shooting at White Star Restaurant on Kandara road, Kilweleshwa on August 19, 2018.


Autopsy results conducted by government pathologist revealed how suspect behind the shooting of , Idris Mukhtar mysteriously died inside Parklands police station.

The postmortem confirmed that David Mwai died by hanging inside the police cell. However, the doctors did not conclude whether it was suicide or homicide.

"That is hanging but we have not concluded on the manner of death - whether it was suicide or homicide. That is not our duty, it is that of the investigators. We cannot ascertain at this point whether there was foul play," pathologist Sylvester Maingi said.

According to Muktar’s family, prior to the shooting incident, the CEC had received death threats after the court ruled in his favour.


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