Miguna's wife speaks after husband's ordeal

Former President Moi deported Miguna in 1988 over political activism

The self-declared National Resistance Movement General Miguna Miguna was arrested on Friday last week, with no traces of his whereabouts for over five days, and was later ‘deported by the Kenyan government on Tuesday night’ after failing to be produced in court for sentencing.

Mrs Miguna told , which has been publishing in Canada since 1905, that for several days, she “was frantic with worry, since the police failed to produce him in court as ordered, after several Kenyan media reports emerged speculating that her husband had been killed.”

She revealed that she had been calling the case manager at the Canadian high commission in Nairobi, the magazine reported Tuesday, but the official there wouldn't’t tell her anything.

“From Sunday to yesterday, she was not even able to tell me if Miguna was dead or alive,” Jane Miguna said in an interview on Tuesday.

She added: “That really worried me, because the commissioner was not even able to get information from the Kenyan government to assure her that they are holding him and he’s alive. Really, although she may have information but she is not giving it to me. At least somebody should be able to tell me, yes, he’s alive. But no. I was not told anything. They just say they are aware of the case and they are working on it.”

Hid information from children

Jane Miguna told the magazine that she found it hard to break the silence of the whereabouts of her husband to her three teenagers, after he failed to show up at home for several days, but was even more worried of them learning of the situation through social media.

“Miguna didn’t want them to worry, so I didn’t tell them about their father’s arrest, but I was afraid they would learn of it from social media,” she said.

They were expecting their father to return on the weekend. “They are already asking why didn’t Daddy come, and I am just telling them he has an engagement,” she said.

Deported again

Miguna was forced to move to Canada in 1988 after he was imprisoned and tortured by the then President Daniel Moi.

Jane Miguna also revealed that her husband Miguna Miguna, still “wears glasses because his eyes were permanently damaged by the bright lights the police used on him then.”

Mr Miguna was on Friday last week arrested after commissioning and giving Mr Odinga an oath of office at a public rally in Uhuru Park Nairobi, a move that was designed to demonstrate that Odinga, not Kenyatta, won the election.


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