Journalists kicked out of crucial event

Journalist accused for being the reason for election annulment

The event that was meant for electing the county speaker apparently forbade journalists from taking part.

The members of the fourth estate were chased out after the custodians at the door were ordered to kick them out.

One Okeyo Andy who is the Sergeant-at-Arms informed the press officers that they had been strictly ordered not to lpermit any journalist in the Assembly premises during the repeat elections.

The media was blamed for messing up during the last speaker’s election leading to the nullification of the results of speaker’s poll. This is according to an assembly official.

"Video footage picked by the media was used in the court to nullify the elections...going forward, it won't be business as usual," stated another official of the assembly.

The repeat poll which was slated for Monday, 12 February2018 came after the nullification of August 31, 2017 election of Speaker Boaz Okoth and his deputy George Omamba.

Following the poll that was annulled, its only Kerario Marwa and Mr Okoth who will only be allowed to feature in the new election since they were the only ones who made it to round two of voting the previous session.

According to reports, the previous election session was disrupted by rowdy youth.


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