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KDF recruit collapses and dies

The recruit had been instructed to run as part of the tests

A KDF official takes recruits through a drill during tryouts

A Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) recruit collapsed on Tuesday during tryouts to join the army in Malindi constituency.

The recruit suddenly fell while the candidates were instructed to run at the Alaskan grounds.

Colonel Joseph Nzioka confirmed that the recruit had died shortly after being admitted at the Tawfique Hospital.

The recruit may have succumbed to complications brought about by high humidity.


Malindi has previously witnessed such cases during the police recruitment exercise as was the case in February this year.

"On running, many were failing due to high temperatures but we managed to get a few recruits," Lt. Col Willy Langat told reporters at the time.

Disqualified for having STI

The November edition of the army recruitments saw dozens of youths in Tana River County disqualified for testing positive for a sexually transmitted infection.


Lt Col Paul Aruasa who was overseeing the exercise in the region blamed the prevalence of STIs on culture.

He explained that youths in the region are encouraged to engage in unprotected sex.

The competive recruitment exercise normally targets few candidates per region, often below ten from both genders.

The November recruits from various parts of the country will proceed for training beginning January 2019.


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