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Foreign Affairs ministry downgrades Ruto's ambassador nominee

The nominee who had been appointed by President Ruto as an ambassador has been downgraded to a consular general

President William Ruto with Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi at State House

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially downgraded the appointment of Abdi Weli Mohamud Hussein from the position of Ambassador to Consul General.

This decision follows a recent nomination by President William Ruto, which aimed to appoint Abdi Weli as Kenya's representative to Somaliland in Hargeisa.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a formal letter on October 26, clarifying the status of Abdi Weli in response to his nomination as the Ambassador of Somaliland.

Notably, the move generated controversy and raised questions, with many interpreting the appointment to mean Kenya was upgrading the status of its diplomatic office in Somaliland.


The National Assembly Foreign Relations, Defense, and Intelligence Committee has already started vetting various diplomats posted to various embassies and high commissions.

The committee, led by MP Nelson Koech, decided to omit Abdi Weli's name from the vetting list, citing concerns about the nature of Hargeisa's diplomatic presence.

MP Koech emphasized, "Hargeisa is, to my understanding, not a fully operational embassy, but rather a liaison office. Therefore, there is no need for this committee to vet an individual for a liaison office. Our vetting process is reserved for ambassadors of recognized embassies and high commissions."

The letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially confirmed the decision, stating that Abdi Weli Mohamud Hussein's status is that of a Consul General.


The Kenyan government also reiterated its unwavering recognition of the United Federal Republic of Somalia, clarifying that it solely acknowledges Somaliland as a regional government within the Federal Republic of Somalia.

This development signifies Kenya's stance towards the region and reaffirms the importance of maintaining diplomatic clarity and consistency in its relations with neighbouring countries.

The decision to downgrade Abdi Weli's appointment has brought to light the complexities of diplomatic international relations.


Inside President Ruto's diplomats shake affecting 31 embassies and consulates

President William Ruto recently made significant moves in Kenya's diplomatic corps, nominating and redeploying 31 ambassadors and high commissioners.

Among the notable appointments and redeployments, Jane Wairimu Ndurumo is set to replace High Commissioner Catherine Muigai in Pretoria, South Africa. This move is particularly significant as Catherine Muigai is a cousin to former President Uhuru Kenyatta, illustrating a departure from the past administration's preferences.

Another notable appointment is George Macgoye, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s chief of staff, who is set to head to Djibouti.

Tabu Irina, formerly Kenya's envoy to Japan, has been redeployed to Dublin, Ireland, as ambassador.


Given her prior role as Chief of Protocol at the Foreign Office in Kenya, this redeployment underscores the focus on experienced personnel for diplomatic missions.

Willy Bett, who had been serving as Kenya's envoy to India, has been redeployed to Beijing, China, filling a position that had been vacant since Mary Muthoni was recalled.

This appointment is aimed at reinvigorating Kenya's engagement with China, a critical partner in trade and development.

George Orina, a seasoned diplomat with experience as the Director General of Bilateral and Political Affairs at the Foreign Office, is set to become Kenya's ambassador to Ethiopia.


Col. Rtd Shem Amandi's appointment as ambassador to Kinshasa, DRC, highlights Kenya's focus on engaging with countries crucial to regional stability.

Isaac Parashina, previously Kenya's Deputy Ambassador in Tel Aviv, Israel, is appointed as a full ambassador to Abuja, Nigeria.

His military background signifies an approach emphasizing security and cooperation.

Sabdiyo Dido Bashuna, nominated as Kenya's ambassador to Botswana, is Head of Gender and Inclusiveness at AGRA.

This appointment signifies the importance Kenya places on gender and inclusivity issues in its diplomatic engagements.


Jeremy Laibuttah, a Director under the National Intelligence Service (NIS), is nominated as Kenya's ambassador to Khartoum.

Given the diplomatic tensions with Sudan, this appointment is strategic, aiming to address bilateral concerns and strengthen relations.

Kubai Kiringo, former Igembe Central MP, has been nominated ambassador to Somalia, highlighting Kenya's diplomatic efforts to ensure stability and economic ties with its neighbouring nation.

Philip Githiora's appointment as Kenyan envoy to Maputo, Mozambique, underscores Kenya's interest in strengthening ties with nations in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).


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