NEMA reveals next posh area to be demolished after Kileleshwa

The bulldozer is already on the ground.

Speaking to, the officials said that they are targeting several buildings in the posh Riverside Drive in Westlands, after before heading to the controversial Taj-Mall in Eastlands.

“We are coming… Riverside is the next one. If you go there you will see have marked several buildings for demolition? Unfortunately, when you mark them, the owners paint the marks pout and so you can’t tell. But the owners have copies of the notice, which we issued on May 6,” an official at the site of the demolition told

Demolition building

He further revealed that a high rise building of over six floors standing next to the just demolished Java Restaurant and Shell Kileleshwa, would be brought down on Monday afternoon. The building is stationed few meters from the river, and adjacent to the road.

Reports indicated that the demolition is to pave way for the cleaning of Nairobi River which is choking with dirt. Earlier, there were claims that the management of Shell had planned to speak to the government to stop the demolition, but it fell on the deaf ears.

“That tall building you are seeing over there has to come down. They have the notice but when you go there they have erased the marks,” he said.


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