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Sale of Miraa banned after KDF rejected youth during recruitment

Tough Times ahead

In January, Mombasa County Assembly Nominated Member Fatma Mote tabled a motion seeking the ban of the sale and use of miraa and muguka in the county.

She claimed that the substances are causing broken marriages as women have raised concerns over denial of conjugal rights by their partners who have been rendered impotent due to extensive use of the substances.


"It is time we have miraa and muguka banned. It is destroying marriages in Mombasa. Our children are also affected by the availability of the two" she ranted.

This comes after such a move of banning Miraa was imposed by the Britain government in 2014, after announcing that they will not allow Miraa importation into their country.

The British High Commissioner to Kenya Nic Hailey stated that UK was sensitive to the impact of the ban but was not ready to lift it.

“I am afraid that the ban on miraa is going to stay. We were the last western country to ban miraa but we were sensitive on the impact it would have on the producing regions. We discussed the outcomes of the alternative livelihoods survey with the county and national government authorities. We are committed to supporting those affected by the ban,” Mr Hailey said.


According to reports and research done by different institutions, Miraaa has the following side effect

Side Effects

Chronic Khat abuse can result in symptoms such as physical exhaustion, violence, and suicidal depression.

Widespread frequent use of Khat impacts productivity because it tends to reduce worker motivation.


Khat can induce manic behaviors, hyperactivity, and hallucinations.

There are reports of Khat-induced psychosis.


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