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Are the Kenyan youth ready to take up the reigns of leadership?

One school of thought asserts that they youth are very greedy and they would be very corrupt if in power

​On the business front, there has been a noteworthy rise in the number of youth that are making headlines in terms of their outstanding achievements.



Through zeal and grit, they have been able to break barriers that traditionally held them back and have also been buoyed by government and private stakeholders input. On the political front however, it has not been quite the same story.

Through concerted efforts, they have tried to infiltrate the field controlled by well-established and moneyed individuals and it seems that they are slowly making inroads in this field.

Presently, we can boast of a number of youthful legislators both in the national assemblies and the county assemblies respectively.

Despite a section of the older folk maintaining that youths have not stepped up enough to deserve leadership roles, their exclusion from many projects has evoked strong sentiments among them.



“If the youth would have key positions in government, things would be better because they have a better understanding of how things work,” comments a resident in Machakos County.

“It is obvious that the youth are more dynamic and are full of ideas that would propel this country to greater levels,” asserts another young person.

Their optimism is however not shared by everybody, some divergent views were also expressed.

“The youth are very greedy and having them in power would lead to a situation where pilferage of funds will be rampant,” says a youth as a matter of fact.

“Even though the youth have some knowledge we do not have the experience to run systems smoothly,” declares another youth.



The introduction of the 30% procurement rule by the government where every government institution is required by law to reserve at least 30% of its budget for special groups women, youths and persons with disability has in some way enabled more youths to do business with the government.

This will go a long way in aiding the youth to develop experience in business, management and also increase their financial standing and give them a fighting chance when they delve into the murky and expensive arena of politics.

As the debate of whether the Kenyan youth ready to take up the reigns of leadership or not rages on, it is incumbent upon them to step up their game and prove their mettle.


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