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Citizen TV Anchor narrates how she was assaulted by man at city hotel

But this morning, the trauma from the experience is still fresh

Kapombe had gone to the cinema to enjoy a weekend movie but an anguishing experience left her with a scar that is still quite fresh.

In a series of tweets, Kapombe recounted how the moments of abuse from the stranger, an employee at the hotel, saw her fearlessness and bravery snatched from her within seconds.

"I've always thought of myself as brave, fearless. I would be saddened by stories of women assaulted by men in broad daylight as others watched and some filmed.


"Yesterday, that happened to me. At Panari Anga sky cinema. I reported and the manager on duty took over the case," she tweeted.

Though the hotel manager handled the matter appropriately, the Swahili anchor says that her experience at Panari will never be the same again.

Kapombe added that there were so many women silently suffering in the midst of abuse from men. She went on to urge them not to remain mum when assaulted.

"It felt a little better knowing there was somewhere, someone I could run to. But, the look on the man's face even as the manager stepped in reminded me of how many remain silent because they would rather walk away and put it all behind them. I reported. Then walked away.

"But this morning, the trauma from the experience is still fresh. I don't feel so fearless. I don't feel brave.


"The manager, Edna apologised for the conduct of their employee and that of the Cinema attendant who didn't take action when we first reported to him. She even offered a complimentary movie to make up. The reality is, the great experiences I had previously at Panari ended yesterday,” she said.


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