Sonko warns Nairobi residents to vacate from these residential flats before demolition

Hundreds of thousands to seek alternative abode as Sonko reveals residential buildings set to be demolished

Taking to Facebook, the governor stated that such flats will be targeted in the on-going demolitions that has seen several iconic buildings brought down.

The post read in part that “musikubali kuishi kwa flat ya more than 5 floors na hazina lift wala proper approvals za serikali. Nyumba aina hii zote zitaenda chini. (Do not accept to live in a flat that is more than 5 floors lacking a lift and without government approvals. These kinds of houses will all come tumbling down)”.

Sonko also divulged that buildings constructed without the necessary approval from county and national governments are also on the list and will soon come tumbling down.

The governor warned citizens not to gamble with their lives, noting that the rampant loss of lives resulting from laziness on the part of county engineers and greed from landlords must come to an end.

Tumechoka kuzika watu innocent kila saa kutokana na uzembe wa engineers wa county na greedy landlords. This time round tunawapeleka jela b4 tupoteze maisha ya wakenya tena.(We are tired of burying innocent people every now and then as a result of the laziness of county engineers and greedy landlords. This time round we shall take them to jail before any Kenyan life is lost).

Nairobi has several buildings earmarked for demolition with several others coming up without the necessary approvals.

A spot check by on the populous estates of Umoja, Kayole, Fedha and Pipeline reveal that almost all residential buildings that are more than 5 floors do not have lifts.

Should the government carry on with the planned demolitions, hundreds of thousands of people will be left to find alternative accommodation.


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