A shocking twist has emerged following the release of DNA Tests in the Moi Girls rape saga.

According to examiners, the samples taken from the male teachers at the school did not match those taken from the student who was allegedly defiled, clearing them from the said crime.

The DNA tests are similar to the investigations carried out earlier this month by the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet).

According to the independent investigation by the Kuppet, the rape victim might have been assaulted by lesbian colleagues.

Similar probe

The probe is similar to that one conducted internally at the school which found inconsistencies in reports about the incident which concluded that a man could not have been placed at the scene on the night of June 1 when the incident occured.

Kuppet highlighted that the first test for rape on the student by a clinical officer tested negative.

A second test by a specialist indicated that there was penetration.

“Presented with this discrepancy, the girl’s parents were asked to pick another hospital for a tie-breaker test and they picked Kenyatta National Hospital. Results from KNH which the media never reported were negative,” stated the report.