Moses Kuria explains what will happen after suspension of Procurement Officers

Moses Kuria is an accountant who worked in Kibaki's administration.

Taking the message to Facebook, the MP, who is also an accountant, quipped that the latest decision by State House to suspend senior government officials would help halt public procurement and spending for at least 12 months.

He further explained that the move, which is turning to be Kenyatta's latest rigorous measure to fight graft, could see the economy  bounce back, adding that there would be no need for both domestic and foreign borrowing.

“I fully support the fight against corruption. I further fully support the suspension of procurement officers. One, because to win the battle against corruption we must establish where the rains started beating us," Kuria stated.

Kenya has been on the borrowing spree, a huge section of which, according to the IMF, goes to recurrent expenditure – including government salaries – especially in county governments.

“But most important because for the period they remain suspended, we will also put on hold public procurement, hence an automatic, minimum 12 months freeze on spending. So we have no reason for increased domestic or foreign borrowing as public expenditure will grind to a halt,” he added.

Procurement Officers

“As David Mwiraria achieved in 2003 after firing public procurement officers, we might have a budget surplus and a downward spiral of T-Bills rates to between 4% and 5%. Then, this economy will explode,” he said.

On Monday, Government Spokesperson Mwenda Njoka, through a memo, ordered all all heads of procurement and accounting in public offices to vacate their offices with immediate effect, awaiting fresh vetting on their suitability to hold the offices.

“All heads of procurement and accounting units in ministries, departments, agencies and state corporations have been instructed to step aside with immediate effect. Before they vacate, they have also been instructed to hand over to their immediate deputies,” reads a memo from government spokesman Mwenda Njoka.

Mr Njoka added that all top officials will also have to undergo a lifestyle audit.

“Further the officers are required to submit personal information to the Office of the Head of Public Service to be delivered by Friday, June 8, 2018 at Harambee House,” the circular continued.

The personal information being sought include; their assets, liabilities and previous record of service.

“The exercise is geared towards determining suitability to continue holding office in the public trust and promote confidence in the public service,” added Njoka.


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