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4 MPs in gun drama with a South Sudanese national at popular city club

The South Sudanese national blew cigarette smoke on the MP's face

The gun drama was sparked by an argument on the right to smoke or not in a restricted area between the MPs and a South Sudanese national.

Savula divulged that “without provocation, he (the South Sudanese national) walked to the table where my colleagues Oscar, Atandi and Barasa were seated. When we protested he blew cigarette smoke on Atandi’s face.

A scuffle ensued in which three guns were drawn and a beer bottle hurled at a target but crashed on the wall after missing the intended target.


Operations were brought to a stop as revelers scampered for safety in the face of danger.

The MPs’ body guards who were waiting in their respective cars rushed to the scene and overpowered the South Sudanese national who called for back-up from his friends who were at a nearby venue.

The back-up for the South Sudanese national arrived almost immediately, spoiling for a fight as matters degenerated from bad to worse and momentarily bringing operations to a stop.

The management of the facility confirmed the incident but declined to divulge any further information.

When contacted by a local daily Kilimani OCPD Michael Muchiri declined to comment on the matter, stating that no report had been made about the incident.


“No complaint has been filed in our office yet,” Muchiri told the daily newspaper.


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