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Nick Salat reveals 4 difficult questions he asked Gideon Moi leading to fallout

Nick Salat lifts the lid on his frosty relationship with Gideon Moi, the difficult questions he asked and the war in KANU

File image of Kanu Secretary General Nick Salat (left) and chairman Gideon Moi

Embattled KANU secretary-general Nick Slat has lifted the lid on his frosty relationship with party leader Gideon Moi including the difficult questions he asked which resulted in the fallout.

According to Salat, his woes started when he took on what they call the ‘establishment’, something that had never been done before.

It all started at a party meeting in Nakuru where he challenged the party leadership including himself to resign due to the dismal performance of the party and questioned a lot of things.

Salat noted that people were shocked with his radical suggestion because “those questions have never been asked before” and party members “have just been sitting and praising the leadership”.


In an interview with Nation, Salat noted that he took his questions a step further to the doorstep of the party chairman.

“I asked the chairman (Gideon Moi) what he has done to ensure the success of the party. In any functioning democracy, you are not allowed to hold office if you are not adding value… I said you cannot have a big name and no results to show for it.” He explained.

He dismissed claims that the plot to kick him out stemmed from the sale of party property

“There is no property that can be sold without the signature of the chairman and secretary-general, that is what our constitution says.


“I have warned those pursuing the property route that they should be careful because it will explode so badly on some people and they will be shocked.” Salat added.

He confirmed that he will appear at the party’s disciplinary committee hearings to clear his name.

“Yes, I will appear to clear my name. If I don’t, it will appear that I'm running away from accountability. I will face them and tell them the truth.” Said Salat.

He noted that Kanu’s trajectory has been on the decline since 2013, with the party winning fewer seats in successive elections and its influence fading in regions that were once perceived to be its strongholds such as Rift Valley and the Coast region.


According to Salat, the independence party is facing imminent collapse if the current trend continues.


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