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Miguna announces change of NRM name, reveals next step after JKIA drama

The General has given a way forward.

Speaking through a tinny opened glass window, the embattled NRM self-declared general said that despite the scuffle with the State, the course for reforms and a revolution would still continue.

“Don’t worry, the struggle is continuing. We are just going to transform NRM into a National Revolutionary Movement. A National Revolutionary Movement!

“Going forward, no concessions, no surrender, no turning back,” Dr Miguna told a charged crowd that had thronged the airport as they demanded for his unconditional release.


The new announcement by Dr Miguna comes even as the Ministry of Interior outlawed the existing National Resistance Movement (NRM), for engaging in illegal activities, which saw him deported last month.

Re-deportation drama

Meanwhile, the fiery lawyer on Monday night rejected government’s persistent attempts to re-deport him to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a country in which he said he was not born and has no relatives or business associates.

“I am not going anywhere….where is my luggage? Where is my passport? You cannot take me from my country by force,” Miguna is seen yelling at Immigration officers who were forcing him on a Flight EK 722 bound for Dubai, which would later delay by one hour.


By the time of publishing this article at slightly some minutes past nine, Dr Miguna was still at the Jomo Kenyatta international Airport(JKIA), but the details of his location, meanwhile, remain scanty.

Reports emerged on Tuesday morning that the NRM general could be held at the JKIA police station, while others indicate that he could be at the Departures lounge, the flight EK 722, however, left the airport.

Earlier before the plane took off, Dr Miguna told the craft pilot not to leave with him, as he was not “allowed to fly with him against his will.”

"Now you, as captain, is (sic) not allowed to fly me anywhere against my will," he said.


"First of all, I don’t have a passport, secondly I didn’t book your plane, thirdly I don’t have status in Dubai … so how am I gonna go to Dubai? I don’t live in Dubai, I don’t work in Dubai, I have no connections to Dubai. So I’m not going to Dubai.”

He wrapped up his account to the pilot and his passengers with a call to action to the police, who had attacked and chased away journalists: “Let them kill me… Let them kill me… let them go ahead and do it.”

“They cannot chase me like a pig when I have court orders. I was born here… some of these guys were not born here… they are just thugs that have been hired. They have chased the media like rabbits. They are shooting at the media.”

The government on Tuesday afternoon declined to admit Dr Miguna back to the country after he allegedly failed to reapply for the Kenyan citizenship by virtue of being deported in February.

“As we stated earlier this year, Miguna automatically lost his Kenyan citizenship in 1998 when he acquired the Canadian citizenship at a time when Kenya did not allow dual citizenship,” said the Acting Director of Immigration Services Mr Joseph Munywoki.


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