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How President Uhuru Kenyatta changed the presidency

How president Kenyatta wowed Kenyans and melted his way into their hearts

He has on numerous occasions left the trappings of power to celebrate life’s precious moments with ordinary citizens and family.

While some of his critics dismiss his acts as mere Public Relations (PR) attempts, his simplicity and humility has seen him interact with ease with ordinary citizens and won him support and admiration.

Here are some moments when the President wowed Kenyans.


Lunch at Kenyatta market

Although his position and wealth can afford him the finest dining in life, once in a while, the president has found it necessary to dine wit the common man. From having lunch at a kibanda in Kenyatta market to having a drink at a roadside kiosk in Machakos, he has demystified the presidency in many ways.

School girl breaks into tears in Machakos

President Kenyatta is easy to get along with and is able to strike bonds of friendship from across all age groups. During a tour of Machakos, the president struck a friendship with a student from Katulu Primary School. As the president left, the school girl could not hold back her tears.

Emily Wanjiru's family gets a new home


That the President is a man of able means is not in doubt. However, he is in touch with the reality and the plight of ordinary citizens struggling to make a living. He has on numerous occasions used his personal financial resources to uplift the lives of ordinary citizens.

Case in point is Emily Wanjiru who moved the president with her poem. Shortly afterwards, President Kenyatta offered to construct a better house for the family.

Bahati taking over the president's seat

Prior to Uhuru’s presidency, few would imagine of a civilian making the president stand and taking over his seat. However, during th launch of Jubilee party at Kasarani Stadium, gospel artiste Bahati made the president stand and literally took over his sat, sparking a discussing on social media.

Receiving First lady Margaret Kenyatta


The tender and caring side of the president was revealed when he received first lady Margaret Kenyatta with a arm hug upon completing the First lady's marathon. For days, it was the talk of town.


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