U.S. televangelist announces gov't-sponsored mega crusade in Kenya

September 20th 2023, 4:21:24 pm

First Lady Rachel Ruto flew to U.S. and invited televangelist Benny Hinn for a government-sponsored crusade

First Lady Rachel Ruto and U.S. televangelist Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn, the renowned televangelist, announced that he has been invited by First Lady Rachel Ruto to lead a nationwide crusade sponsored and supported by the government.

Hinn revealed the news during a recent sermon, stating that the Rachel Ruto personally flew to meet him and his team in the United States to extend the invitation.

The visit took place approximately four weeks ago and was reportedly made for one primary reason: to request Hinn's presence in Nairobi for the crusade.

"The First Lady of Kenya flew from Nairobi with her team just for one reason: to ask me to come back to Nairobi for a nationwide Nation government-sponsored Crusade," Hinn announced during his sermon.


He expressed his gratitude and amazement at the opportunity, considering it a unique and historic event.

This invitation marks a significant departure from the norm, as it has been quite some time since Kenya has witnessed a government-sponsored crusade of this scale.

Hinn mentioned that the only other similar instance he could recall was in Papua.

During the same visit, Robert Kayanja, a prominent televangelist from Uganda, accompanied the First Lady of Kenya and expressed a desire to organize two Crusades in each of their respective countries.


This collaboration across borders aims to spread the message of faith and spirituality across East Africa.

With an air of humility, Hinn stated, "So I said okay, Lord, you still have a little more for me."

The news has been met with mixed reactions as some Kenyans oppose the use of public resources for religious activities despite Article 8 of the Constitution stating, "There shall be no State religion."


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