Tuju causes drama at funeral

Tuju makes mourners to leave funeral

The CS nominee found himself cornered by rowdy opposition supporters at a funeral in Siaya after he mocked Raila Odinga’s oath.

Trouble started when the CS (without a portfolio) requested for a Bible, making jokes about taking oaths.

“I hear you people nowadays just take oaths.” Tuju said.

This statement angered opposition supporters who had gathered for the funeral of Rosalia Ogego (mother to Deputy Director of the National Defense College, Ambassador Oginga Ogego).

Things quickly got out of hand with the crowd hurling insults at Tuju and jeering him.

He pleaded with the agitated crowd to allow him to finish his speech to no avail.

“Can we have some silence, please? I beg to finish. But if you people don’t want me to finish then I could as well also just leave,” Tuju said.

Tuju who also serves as Jubilee secretary general was forced to cut short his speech as the crowd walked out.


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