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Senator Sifuna confronts OCS who teargassed him at KICC [Video]

Sifuna was demanding an explanation why he was teargassed alongside Babu Owino and other ODM officials

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna (in blue T-Shirt and coat) and other demonstrators in Nairobi.

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna was captured on camera confronting a police officer who allegedly teargassed him and other protestors during a march in Nairobi.

Sifuna was accompanied by other demonstrators as they marched in the streets of Nairobi, demanding justice and accountability.

As they approached the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Sifuna identified the police officer who had allegedly teargassed them and he demanded an explanation for what he did to them.


"Ndiye huyu jamaa. Yeye ndiye anatupiga tear gas. Bwana OCS wacha kutoroka wananchi. Wacha kunitororka mimi nakuita kama Mkenya mwenzako. Uniambie unanipiga tear gas nimefanya nini. Ndiye huyu OCS, kwa nini anatoroka wananchi. Unakimbia kwa nini?

"[Here he is. He teargassed us. Why are you running from the citizens? Stop running away from me, I'm calling you just like any other Kenyan so that you explain why you teargassed me. Why are you running?]" Sifuna shouted.

Despite the police officer's attempts to escape, Sifuna managed to catch up with him and confront him face to face. The officer was clearly uncomfortable with the situation and attempted to move through the crowd to other rooms in the KICC.

However, Sifuna continued to follow him, questioning him about why he had teargassed the protestors.


"Bwana OCS, anatoroka nini na ni yeye ndiye ametupiga tear gas. What have we done to you? We want to talk to you. Talk to us!" Sifuna shouted.

The police officer eventually became irritated and called for backup, as he was all alone and being confronted and provoked by the protestors.

The incident highlights the ongoing tensions between the police and citizens in Nairobi after the mass action protests began today.


Kenyans have reacted to Sifuna's actions differently and here is what some people said about the Nairobi Senator.

"I really wish officers would avoid these moments. Let the people assemble and make speeches. Don't escalate things. It's ok. And no speech can topple a government," Dan Aceda tweeted.

"This is totally unacceptable. Where are all his officers? How on earth is he left alone? They all should be penalised for abandoning their boss. They know nothing about loyalty," Mutugi Kirimi added.

Shyrow Wainaina tweeted that Sifuna and his crowd deserved to be teargassed since they were causing disruptions in the city.



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