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Senator Tabitha Karanja tears into Governor Susan Kihika in Senate [Video]

Nakuru Senator Tabitha Karanja accuses Governor Susan Kihika of intimidation

Nakuru Senator Tabitha Karanja at a Senate event
  • Details of the heated political row and accusations of intimidation by Governor Kihika
  • Dispute Over War Memorial Hospital
  • Impact on Health Services and Legal Battles

In the midst of a heated political row within Nakuru County, Senator Tabitha Karanja has made headlines by accusing Governor Susan Kihika of intimidation and name-calling in retaliation for her oversight role.

This conflict, primarily centered around the contentious takeover and subsequent closure of the War Memorial Hospital, has escalated to a point where the Senator feels compelled to speak out against what she perceives as attempts to silence her advocacy for the public's interest.

Speaking in the Senate on February 28, Senator Kihika alleged that the governor was using intimidation tactics against those perceived to be against her administration.


The senator, accused the county chief of threatening her through various means including threat of violence and phone calls.

"We need the committee for legal to write a letter to the governor and warn her... They are saying we are killing devolution but they are the ones killing the devolution. I think the COG should warn all governors because they are the ones killing devolution," she said.

"We continue that way, there is no need of having governors in counties. In fact, Nakuru residents are saying they'd rather have no governor than have governor Susan Kihika, and I am not shamed to say this. Senators should not be intimidated in doing their oversight role and should ensure we bring order in all counties starting with Nakuru county," Karanja added.

At the heart of the dispute between the governor and senator is the controversial closure and takeover of the War Memorial Hospital by the Nakuru County Government.


Senator Karanja has accused Governor Kihika of irregularly ordering county government officers to take control of the facility, an action that has led to widespread public dismay and legal battles over the facility's operation and management.

The Senator has condemned these actions as unjust, highlighting the impact on over 300 health workers who have been rendered jobless and thousands of patients left seeking medical care​​​​​​.

Senator Karanja, leveraging her platform, has accused Governor Kihika of incompetence and inhumanity, attributing the loss of lives and disruption of medical services to the Governor's decisions regarding the hospital.

Karanja has further alleged that Governor Kihika's actions have not only violated court orders but have also significantly undermined the health sector in Nakuru, affecting other medical facilities in the county.


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