Sharon Otieno: 4 Secrets she kept from the world revealed at death

More questions as more secrets unearthed on Sharon’s secretive life

The murdered campus beauty was married to a secondary school teacher identified as Bernard Okuta but the two separated for reasons that neither of the families was willing to divulge.

Two children were borne out of the union and were kept away from the public, never featuring in the glamorous life lived by the slain diva.

A sister to her estranged husband declined to divulge any information, stating “Just know they separated, I can’t remember the year or date.”

As it emerged after her death, not even her classmates and friends were aware of her failed marriage.

As Sharon was globe-trotting (judging by the numerous photos posted on social media at airports) her mother was left raising her two children from her previous marriage in her rural home. Sharon was rarely home due to her studies and her frequent trips.

The financier of her apparently lavish lifestyle remained unknown with the lady living a secretive life, where none of her classmates knew where she lived. Her life was a mystery, a closely guarded secret save for the photos splashed on the social media that painted the image of a glamorous life.

On the social media she presented the image of opulence, jetting around the globe, dining in the finest restaurants and rocking in the latest fashion.

The reality of her humble family was far from the image she portrayed with her family living in a mud walled and iron sheet roofed house and with no electricity or running water.

It is her gruesome murder and an alleged relationship with Migori governor Okoth Obado that thrust her to the limelight.

On the day when she was abducted and killed, family members claim that Sharon was scheduled to meet the governor over her pregnancy.

The relationship which was well known to her family went on despite her mother’s warnings not to get involved with politicians until her untimely death.


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