Victims of the Solai dam tragedy dealt another blow

What next for the survivors?

The move comes amidst warnings from counsellors that the survivors are still traumatized and not ready to start a new life and are still deep in pain 11 days after the tragedy.

The more than 200 families are now staring into a bleak future with nowhere to go after their homes and those of their neighbours were swept by the raging waters.

Desolate survivors spoke to Nation, voicing their concerns that they had been left alone, with one of them wondering why they would be subjected to such a treatment, likening it to throwing them on the road.

More than 200 families are yet to find a place to resettle and start life afresh after losing everything including their property, livestock and loved ones after the killer dam unleashed its waters, sweeping 47 people to death.

Subukia MP Samuel Gachobe disclosed that that the camp has to be closed for learning to resume on Monday and to allow the survivors to build a new life after the tragedy.

“They gave us up to today to vacate this school…we understand children have to get back but we cannot understand where they want us to go. Who is willing to host us? One survivor wondered in an interview with the daily.

The legislator further stated that the survivors would be compensated by the government and had been given supplies to last three months.

“We are giving them foodstuffs to run for three months, household utensils, cash and other necessities to help them start a life before they can get full compensation,” said the MP.


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