The most sought after employers in Kenya have finally been revealed by Brighter Monday Kenya. All 100 of them. Is your employer among them?

According to Brighter Monday, these are the employers who have "made a deliberate effort to make their offices a place employees feel a sense of pride and belonging."

Brighter Monday used the following factors to rank the companies.

The list comprises of 100 companies.

Here are the top 10.

1. Safaricom

2. The United Nations

3. Kengen

4. Google

5. KRA

6. Centum

7. Kenya Power

8. Price Waterhouse Coopers

9. Unilever

10. Cocacola

The leading companies to work for in various sectors are

1. Google

2. Microsoft

3. Oracle

4. Andela

5. IBM

1. Kenya Commercial Bank

2. World Bank

3. Central Bank of Kenya

4. Equity Bank

5. Barclays

1. Unilever

2. Cocacola

3. British American Tobacco

4. Bidco

1. Kenya Wine Agencies Ltd

2. Tata Chemicals

3. Heineken