Kenyan Twitter big shots are on the brink of losing millions of followers if they have not yet been hit by the ongoing Twitter clean up campaign launched last week.

Twitter started the campaign to remove locked accounts from follower counts in a bid to build trust and encourage healthy conversation on Twitter.

In a statement, Twitter said: "We understand this may be hard for some, but we believe accuracy and transparency make Twitter a more trusted service for public conversation."

In Kenya, several bigwigs have suffered the greatest loss including famous blogger Cyprian Nyakundi and social media influencer Xtian Dela.

In this regard, conducted an audit on the number of fake followers heavyweights in the country have on their Twitter account using Twitter Audit.

1. President Uhuru Kenyatta

Being the  Head of State he currently has 3.22 million followers. An audit on Mr. Kenyatta’s account, however, indicates that he has 617,796 fake followers.

2. Raila Odinga

Opposition chief Raila Odinga has 1.92 million followers and according to Twitter audit, 1.1 million of his followers are fake.

3. William Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto takes pride in having 1.97 million followers.

However, the latest audit of his account by Twitter audit reveals that he is being followed by 1.18 million fake people.

4. Cyprian Nyakundi

The famous Boy Child President is among those hit by the Twitter clean up.

An audit on his account indicates that out of the 696,000 followers he currently has, 170,629 are bots.

5. Xtian Dela

Social media influencer king Xtian Dela was not spared in the cleanup as 500,000 of his followers were removed bringing down his numbers to 521,000.

A scrutiny on his account by twitter audit indicates that 84,856 followers are fake.

6. Jeff Koinange

Citizen news anchor and show host Jeff Koinange is also one of the big shots who was not left out in the cleanup.

Though he did not lose a significant number of followers, an audit updated 4 years back indicate that Mr Koinange has 811, 678 fake followers.

7. Larry Madowo

BBC Editor Larry Madowo boasts of having a whopping 1.51 million followers to his name.

On Friday he commented on the ongoing Twitter cleanup noting: "I wonder how many followers I’ll lose when Twitter’s purge gets to me. What are the most drastic losses you’ve seen so far?"

An audit on Madowo updated 4 years back shows that he has 822, 873 fake followers.

8. Betty Kyallo

KTN news anchor Betty Kyallo, who currently has 523,0000 followers, has a total of 163,317 bots following her on Twitter.

9. Robert Alai

Popular blogger Robert Alai currently records a whopping 1.09 million followers on his Twitter account.

Nonetheless, the latest updated audit on his account reveals that he has 471,550 fake followers.

10. Ezekiel Mutua also conducted the Twitter audit on Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua and the latest record indicates that he has 63, 913 fake followers.

Mr Mutua is one of the Twitter big shots affected by the ongoing Twitter clean up bringing down his followers to a mere 34,000.