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Uhuru is dragging us back to tribal politics - Oscar Sudi

Wakenya sio wajinga- Oscar Sudi

Oscar Sudi

Member of Parliament for the Kapseret constituency, Oscar Sudi has lashed out against President Uhuru Kenyatta with claims that he is playing dirty political tricks.

Sudi, claims that President Kenyatta wants to sponsor Coast leaders into having their own regional party.

His remarks were in response to photos that circulated on social media, of President Uhuru Kenyatta with Governor's from the Coast region.

“I have always been telling Kenyans of Uhuru Kenyatta's dirty political tricks. He now wants to sponsor Coast leaders into having their own regional party. Despite Governor Mvurya's different political ideology from that of Joho and Kingi, Uhuru still want him to be part of formation of a village party,” read part of Sudi’s message.


The politician further added that the President is unhappy that the 'Hustler Movement' has changed the conversation to a tribeless nation.

Sudi claims that Uhuru employed divide and conquer rule in Western and Eastern Kenya and wants to do the same at the Coast.

“He has done the same in Western Kenya and even Eastern. He wants to employ divide and rule tactics in his quest to remain relevant by empowering tribal chiefs. This guy has looted everything else just to sponsor tribal politics in the name of uniting the country,” said MP Sudi.


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